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Crystal Infinity Castor Seed Oil 30ml

AED. 22.00

Hair growth Thickens hair Longer eyelashes Thickens eyebrows Conditions hair Cures Warts and Moles Eliminates
Split Ends Great Skin Moisturizer Dry skin and sunburn remedy Reduces the appearance of Scars Heals cracked heals and many more
Since time immemorial, this Essential oil has been used for skin and hair care. Castor oil or Ricans communist is extracted from the seeds of the castor bean plant.
Castor oil contains Undecylenic Acid which, due to its germicidal and disinfectant properties, is useful for treating skin diseases and skin ulcers,
particularly those which are caused due to bacterial or fungal infections.

Heals and smoothens inflamed skin
Fights signs of aging
Reduce acne
Moisturizes skin
Fades blemishes
Prevents stretch marks
Reduces Pigmentation
Promotes healthy hair
Treats scalp infections
Prevents premature hair graying
Condition hair

How To Use:
1. Cleanse area. (Use a good makeup remover to remove the makeup, if any)
2. Apply the oil on your hair, eyelashes, eyebrows or skin with the help of your mascara brush or cotton buds. Make sure you are covering the entire area. This helps improve the changes of faster.
3. Follow this process before going to bed at night.
4. Wash off the area with cold water in the morning.

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