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Daily Glow Watermelon Serum Soap 135G

AED. 40.00 AED. 20.00

Such love for our Watermelon Serum Soap 🐌 🍉
Did you know that our Soap is a 2-in-1 already as it has a SERUM?🙈🙈
It also has a Snail extract which is realllyyyyyy really good for your skin! 🐌The Daily Glow Watermelon Serum Soap
Our Serum Soap is your newest fav and newest baby of the watermelon series that helps specifically with your pimples, acne marks,
and dark spots! not only it can be used on your face but on your body as well! Oh! And It doesn’t dry out your face!

It’s gentle for those with sensitive skin. You don’t have to worry about your skin getting damaged.
Refreshes your skin from UV rays and heat.
Reduces skin irritation.
Hydrates Skin
Heals & Prevents Acne/Pimple
Removes Dark Spots
Fights acne
✅Safe for pregnant women
✅Safe for 13 years old and above
✅ Safe for all skin types esp sensitive and acne prone

For the body:
Scrub your body thoroughly using a sponge daily.
For the face:
Gently massage your face using the 60-second method. Rinse with water. Use twice a day.

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Recommended soap for face and body doesn’t cause any dryness good for skin problems and pigmentation with constant use. Doesn’t contain any fragrance which is amazing. Would buy this again and again😍😍😍