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Gmeelan Amino Acid Whitening Cleansing Foam 150ml

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1, micron level 5 seconds deep into the pores, take away oil and dirt.
2, control the area of oil skin, reduce the breeding of blackheads and acne.
3. Remove acne marks, improve dull skin and whiten skin for 28 days.
4.Build a strong skin barrier for fragile muscles.
5.Lock up skin moisture, bid farewell to desert muscle.

Gmeelan explores the globe to unlock the secrets of whitening South Korea Jeju island green tea,
screened from thousands of green tea varieties, green tea extract is rich in amino acid
to avoid mite and acne, control anti-inflammatory, and help skin water and oil balance.
It is mild and non-irritating. It can deeply clean the excess oil on the face within 5 seconds.
A long-term using will not cause damage to human skin.
the foam is dense, micron foam penetrates into the deep pores to take away dirt.
Star ingredients:
South Korean patented 7 heavy herbal ingredients Centella
asiatica + Knotweed root + Scutellaria baicalensis + tea + licorice glabra + Matricaria + rosemary leaves.
Plant formula can gently repair damaged skin, control oil ,acne, be anti-inflammatory and remove imprint without skin burden.
5X whitening ingredients:
Licorice, glutathione, nicotinamide imported from Holland, vitamin C,
pearl powder The whole link inhibits the generation and activity of melanin,
effectively fights oxidation, therefore brightening and beautifying muscles.
Aloe vera + sodium hyaluronate:
Double moisturizing ingredients, clean skin and keep skin moist and shiny, tender and moist.
Add natural mite remover:
Natural antibacterial plant extract, dredge pores balance oil and water, repair acne, making skin soft and shiny.
Using Procedures:
Every morning and evening, squeeze out proper amount of cleansing mousse on the palm,
evenly massage the face gently in circles for 2-3 minutes and rinse off with clean water.
Q1: Will the skin become tight after cleansing?
A: No, it won’t. Because it has a PH value of 5.6 which is as close as the faintly acid feature of skin,
and protects sebum film of skin. It also balances moisture and oil and is not irritant.
Q2: Will sensitive skin have allergic reaction after use?
A: It contains plant type amino acid, which is gentle, smooth, skin-friendly, and is available for all skin types.
Q3: How many times should one pump when washing face?
A: Press the pump head, and bubbles emerge immediately. Pumping two times is the best.

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