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Goree Beauty Cream with Lycopene (Avocado & Aloe Vera)

AED. 10.00

Skin whitening cream, acne treatment, anti-aging,
anti-wrinkle, dark circles, moisturizer, nourishing, skin revitalizer.
It Helps in Removing Pimples and is Suitable for Skin all Skin TypesIt has become essential to use whitening cream at least once a day to keep our skin moisturized to reduce the chances of wrinkles, age spots and dark circles.
Whitening cream is beneficial to repair our skin when we sleep. There are whitening creams for night and day time too. It’s up to the type of skin.
The retinol ingredient in the whitening cream is best for lightening the skin tone and for a dull skin tone as well.
The vitamin E is also an important ingredient that is usually found in whitening cream to moisturizes the skin and brighten the skin tone.
Therefore, applying whitening cream would help your skin in many ways. If you are looking for one of the best whitening creams is then go for Goree whitening cream.
Some of the best ingredients that it has are retinols, it’s a vitamin A combination that helps the skin with fine lines, wrinkles and even brown spots.
The resveratrol ingredient in the cream helps the skin dealing with stress. Vitamin E is helpful in brightening up the skin tone.
Some of the other ingredients in Goree beauty cream are ceramides, Glycerin and Lactic acid.
These are the natural proteins that help in removing the dead cells on the skin layers and keeps them moisturized for s longer period.
Further, these ingredients also help in repairing the skin and keeping the skin refreshed. It doesn’t have any particular side effects and gives instant results.
You can purchase Goree beauty cream on our website at reasonable rates.

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