ISHIN Premium Whitening Body Scrub, 250g – Kabayanshoppeedubai

ISHIN Premium Whitening Body Scrub, 250g

AED. 45.00 AED. 35.00

ISHIN Premium Whitening Scrub
Fusion of Japan and Korea formula.
ISHIN Premium Whitening Scrub Benefits:
Reduces Wrinkles and aging spots
✓ Lightens the Skin
✓ Fades Dark Spots
✓ Reduces Acne and Acne Scars
Ishin Premium Scrub contains:
Rose hip oil has powerful properties for dry and mature skin. This can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and aging spots.
Rosehip oil also contains both lycopene and beta carotene.
These ingredients are said to have skin-lightening properties, making them staple ingredients in many skin-lightening products.
Rosehip oil can help fade dark spots because it contains skin-brightening vitamin C.
Rosehip seed oil can reduce acne and acne scars.
Sorbitol Mannitol are types of sugar.
Sorbitol is a hydrating ingredient. It has a superior water-binding capacity and acts as a natural humectant,
which attracts moisture from the air and binds it to your skin cells, slowing its evaporation
Mannitol is known to act as humectant and moisturizer. Therefore, it increases the moisture content of the skin and keeps it soft and smooth.
Sodium Laureth Sulfate & Laureth-4 Cleansing agents.
Sodium Laureth Sulfate the most common cleansing ingredient of all. Mild on the skin.
Glyceryl Stearate is used in skin care and cosmetic products because of its great moisturizing properties.
It traps moisture on the skin and hair to prevent dehydration and damage.
Moreover, glyceryl stearate also binds other ingredients together in a formulation.
Glycerin also is a natural skin lightener since it can help to brighten the complexion and even out skin tone.
This is possible because glycerin works as an exfoliator that removes dead skin cells.  Softens and Moisturizes the skin.
Ingredients: alpha arbutin, goat milk extract, SHF Rosehip, Sodium Palmate,
Sodium Coconut, Glycerin, Sodium Chloride, EDTA, White Tea Extract, Water (Centella Asiatica).

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