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Lanbena Acne Treatment Gel 20G

AED. 45.00 AED. 28.00

Troubled by the following skin problems?

* Mild acne

Also known as whitehead or close comedones, caused by oil blockage in the pores.

* Mild to moderate acne

The oil that clogs the pores is exposed to air and oxidizes to black, forming blackheads or open comedones.

* Moderate acne

The pimples appear with pronounced redness, which indicates a tendency to grow in groups.

Getting rid of acne crisis

Fight with this acne mark removal gel

* Oligopeptide recovery

A quick solution to acne lesions

* Cute tag removal

Mild anti-acne formula with
herbal infusion

* Intensive treatment

Restore the skin of the underlying skin

The genius ingredient oligopeptide

1. Permeates into deep inner skin to reduce acne and post acne marks

2. Prevent and reduce skin irritation.

3. Improve skin condition by regulating and treating acne

* Regulation and enforcement

* Stabilize your skin

* To make incremental improvements

@Nobel Prize winning genius element

Eliminate acne and leave no marks


Deeply repair damaged skin network, quickly improve the internal environment of the skin.

Excellent repair for damaged, weak, sensitive and other acne-prone skin.

@ High vitality element

Efficient skin repair


@ Increase skin thickness and enhance collagen and elastin vitality

@ Improve sagging and aging skin, make the skin tighter and younger.

@ element of great illumination

Accelerate cuticle repair at the bottom of the skin


@IRegulate immune activity, inhibit bacteria and infections, reduce melanin formation and brighten dull skin.

@ Repair facial sagging and acne marks, help skin be delicate and smooth.

Energy from plant extract essence

The post-acne mark removal effect is strong

* Ginseng

Heal closed comedones

Prevents acne recurrence

* Centella asiatica

Activation of cells in the corium layer

Gently care for damaged skin

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