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New Luxcent Whitening Dietary Supplements (1800mg)

AED. 110.00

Latest whitening Japan formulation from a well trusted manufacturing lab in Irvine, California, USA.

On your 1st week of taking Luxcent:

1 cap 30mins after meals with Vit. C

1 cap 30mins after dinner

On your 2nd week taking Luxcent you can increase up to 3caps a day.  

3 benefits in 1 bottle



-Skin Whitening

Active Ingredients Per Capsule:

 L-glutathione 500 

 Alpha Lipoic Acid 250mg

 Sodium Ascorbate 50mg 

 Marine collagen- 50000mcg 

      N- Acethyl Cysteine - 25mg

 Co-Enzyme Q10 - 25mg



Glowing skin just 1week! 

Antioxidant and detoxifier 

Lightens dark spots & acne spots 

Heals dry damaged skin 

Better sleep 

Reduces Fine lines and wrinkles 

Tighten facial pores. Improves saggy skin 

Reduces Stress hormones 

Rejuvenate skin cells 

Good for muscle and mental health 

Prevents early signs of aging 

Removes Toxins and Heavy metals in our body 

60capsules good for 1month 

2 caps a day 

Made in a world class FDA approved facility in USA 

HALAL Certified


Exclusive unique formula hundreds of satisfied clients & still counting


To test an authentic glutathione capsule:

1. Mix 1 tbsp. of betadine wound solution with 1/2 glass of luke warm water. (NOT COLD WATER)

Magiging kulay toyo po ang solution.           

2. Add the content of 1 Luxcent Capsule.                

The solution will turn into color CLEAR WHITE if the Glutathione is AUTHENTIC.

Storage: Store in a cool dry place at temperature not exceeding 85 degrees Fahrenheit or 30 degree Celsius.

Directions: Take two capsules per day with or without meal. 

Avoid use by pregnant and lactating woman keep out of reach of children


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