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SCD Sakura Whitening Facial Set

AED. 30.00

135g Glutablend Soap
50ml Glass Skin Toner
10g Miracle Cream
50ml Sakura Timeless Lotion

Timeless Beauty Facial Lotion
The maintenance facial lotion after using Peeling Skin lotion.
It provides all the essential skin nutrients that is perfect for your face.
This amazing formula is made from selected ingredients designed to prevent the signs of skin aging and maintain the skin’s suppleness.
Other benefits:
✔Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
✔Diminish dark pigmentation
✔Lighten discoloration
✔Minimize large pores
✔Tightens the skin
✔Helps provide essential skin nutrition
📌 Miracle Cream spf 45
✔️day and night cream with cooling effects
📌 Glass skin toner
✔️Glassy ,transparent,pore less skin
✔️skin is well hydrated
✔️helps to calm, whiten and firm skin
📌Glutablend Soap
✔️A combination of three of the best whitening active ingredients : Glutathione,Arbutin and Kojic for whitening and complimenting each other to achieve a quick result

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