Skin Magical Lotion With Instant Effect ( Whitening, Bleaching & Orang – Kabayanshoppeedubai

Skin Magical Lotion With Instant Effect ( Whitening, Bleaching & Orange Peeling Lotion 125ml )

AED. 25.00

Skin Magical Whitening lotion With instant Effect 125 ml
Product from The Philippines
By Skin Magical
Propylene Glycol
Glycolic Acid
Products Of Skin Magical Whitening lotion
A Lotion That Is Used to lighten the skin.
its None- Greasy and Easily Absorbed by Skin.
it Also Prevents from skin from looking dull and dry..
Removes Skin Blemishes.
Lighter Consistency And and Not Sticky
Hydrates and enhances All over Your Skin.
Allowing to Feel Confident That Your Skin Will rinse Left smooth And Clear.
Apply to each section of the body in the morning and evening after bath.

A lotion which provides skin lightening with micro peeling effect. Providing protection from sunlight leaving supple and smooth skin texture.

  • Skin Magical Bleaching Lotion
  • It glows your skin
  • Makes your skin more smoother
  • It can remove/lighten your dark spots
  • Removes sun burns and skin discoloration
  • Gives the skin a smooth and soft feeling
  • Contains sunblock to protect the skin against harmful ultraviolet rays that cause sunburn and wrinkles
  • Moisturizes and whitens skin

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