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5 Must-Have Items In Your Winter Skincare

Are you a victim of extremely dry, patchy skin as soon as the temperature drops? Do you also experience cracked heels with decreasing degrees?

High five! We are in the same boat and the good news is that I have a solution for us, to get rid of dull, dry, and flaky skin and experience healthy and soft skin throughout the winter. I will guide you with 5 must-have items for this chilly season. Let’s get straight to these 5 must-have items.

1- RYX Ultra Hydrating Foam Cleanser – Gentle Skin Cleanser

Firstly the skin needs to be cleansed well before any application and for this, you need a good cleanser. this particular cleanser is exemplary as it removes dirt, impurities, and makeup with a satisfying lather. The formulation is foamy and contains Niacinamide, Aloe vera extract, carrot extract, and papain.

It leaves the skin even, smooth and brightens the appearance instantly.

2- Ryx Hydra Glow Serum

This is a lifesaver, when applied on a damp face, the formula locks the moisture inside the skin giving a fresh radiant look to the skin. Guar gum, rose water, cucumber fruit extract, folic acid ferment, oligopeptide, polypeptide, and turmeric extract play a vital role in lubricating the underlying tissues of the skin hence it’s a must-have in this winter season. 

The ingredients of this product strengthen the skin barrier, giving a hydrated look. It also slows down the aging of the skin.

  1. Her Skin Revitalizing Night Gel Cream  

The formula of this gel is a combination of hyaluronic acid, Cetearyl alcohol, niacinamide, tomato fruit extract, and lemon fruit extract. which is absorbed easily when applied. This Gel leaves the skin hydrated, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and helps in fighting against acne-causing bacteria 

 It is ideal to apply a thin layer of this gel cream all over the face at night. Hence it keeps the skin rejuvenated throughout the night

4-AR Vitamin E + Collagen Peptide Body Cream:

It is not only the face but also the body that needs extra care and attention in winter. The dry weather leaves the skin dehydrated and dull. This particular body cream is enriched with vitamin E and collagen which gives the skin the hydration it deserves. The skin feels alive and radiant after consistent application. Feet, hands elbows everything is hydrated and bright.

5-Crystal Infinity Castor Seed Oil 

With the dry weather comes, dry hair as well. The ends become rough and dry. This castor oil is a game changer. Consistent massage on the skin and hair moisturizes them and keeps them hydrated.

I can’t elaborate enough on what a rescuer this has been. I purchased it two years ago and have been using it ever since as an after shower, throughout winter all over the body to preserve the moisture of the body. The skin feels intact and fresh after the application. It has proved to be beneficial for scalp infections, stretch marks, and pigmentation.

Well, these are 5 must-have items that are applied topically but more importantly, one basic step that we need to follow is drinking an adequate amount of water. It not only hydrates internally but also saves us from dry skin. As soon as the temperate drops we reduce the amount of water we consume., which is a major reason for dry skin 

Coming from the subcontinent we anxiously wait for winter and its charm, after the long endless months of summer. It just takes the right mindset and the preliminary steps to prep the skin for this beautiful season. When the skin is hydrated consciously with the right products, it saves time and energy and the skin remains supple the entire season. Using these 5 must-have items will definitely aid in reducing your dryness.

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