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6 Effective and Inexpensive Ways To Treat Yourself

Taking a break from the monotonous routine and spending some time in self-indulgence is always a win-win for me. It helps in improving the existing mood and an aura of positivity surrounds us. Moreover treating yourself aids in clearing the mind in so many different ways. I have always been an advocate of refreshing activities on a daily basis to change the vibe of the day.

Why Is It Important To Treat Yourself?  

Clarity simply gives so much perspective to the goals you want to achieve everyday. There are days when we are unable to focus and complete even the simplest of tasks, that’s when the body demands some kind of refreshment. 

What does a breeze of cool air do to your soul in those hot summer days? It immediately brightens up the mental health and brings a smile on your face. Similarly, a treat during a boring routine illuminates the mood instantly, intensifying the physical and mental well-being. Let’s talk about some simple ways to treat ourselves.

6 Effective and Inexpensive Ways To Treat Yourself 

  1. Read a Book.

Reading is the kind of entertainment I vouch for every single time. Whenever given a chance I am delighted to sit in a quiet corner and read, it exercises the brain cells. Hence it not only enhances concentration but also improves literacy and vocabulary. Individuals who enjoy it, know how it takes you to a different world of imagination and creativity. The benefits are endless. Whenever the day doesn’t go the way you planned it, just slow down, take a step back and read a good book. I ensure you it is going to make a difference 

  1. A Good Self-care Warm Shower:

Applying a hair and a face mask, scrubbing the feet and hands, and filing the nails followed by a warm shower is heavenly. To give your feet some extra care you can try the 

Lanebena Exfoliating Foot Peel Mask Foot Nourishing. It leaves your feet with the love they deserve. The feel of cleansed skin is unparalleled. 

Consequently, the mind is fresher too with a little self-care regime. Have you ever experienced how these little things change the ambiance of your daily tasks instantly? If yes, keep doing it religiously and if no, try once and I can assure, you will come back to it later. Yes, you can thank me later.

  1. A Power Nap:

What’s more precious than an undisturbed power nap? Do you feel me, when I write this? Naps have this magnetic effect of elevating mood and physical activity, multiplying productivity, and giving power to get done with all pending tasks. Whether you are a student, a housewife, or working at an office it works wonders for all. A power nap can help a cranky baby calm down too.

  1. A Lunch/Dinner Date With a Friend:

Good food and good company is the best combination to treat yourself. Taking out time and meeting a friend accompanied by your favorite food is unmatched. Moreover, the conversation doesn’t require motivational speeches, just the silly, funny hangouts are a healthy exercise for physical and mental well-being.

  1. A Podcast Or An Audio Book:

Listening to audiobooks or a podcast has been a new hobby for me. I enjoy giving an ear to different issues discussed by various people. It’s not only educational but also a healthy mental exercise. There are plenty of audiobooks and podcasts available online, you can select your topic, grab a cup of coffee, and listen to it peacefully.it is actually soothing.

  1. Physical Activity:

This is like a present you give to your own body. Running, gym, aerobics, Zumba, yoga, or a walk in the park, anything that is done physically and moves your muscles is a treat. It not only strengthens the brain cells but also increases the stamina. Similarly, it helps in reducing and maintaining weight. Treating your body with any kind of physical exertion that you enjoy saves you from a lot of diseases.


Treating yourself doesn’t have to be a result of feeling low or demotivated. It has to be a ritual of your everyday routine to break the monotony. Moreover practicing healthy habits, especially those that you enjoy, helps you love and respect your daily tasks even more. It’s extremely necessary to slow down every single day to be able to observe all the blissful things around. Hence, to be grateful for them.

We take time out for our everyday chores and give time to everyone around us or linked to us to fulfill their requirements. Similarly, it’s important for us to fulfil our body needs and our mental provisions. Take breaks and ponder over the simplicities of a busy life. This fills the heart with gratitude and contentment. The prerequisite of a healthy, happy life is a nourished mind which can be achieved by practicing a few healthy mental exercises

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